Wednesday, 25 February 2009



Well my orcs are getting some unexpected re-enforcements in the form of a Necrosaur with harpoon giving them some much needed artillery. Bought for £6 and change on ebay the beast gives me the second biggest beast available to the horde.

After that I will have to concentrate on finishing off my infantry and I will have a respectable starter force for the game! The next stage will be to get some cavalry. Probably goblin carnodons as I need something thats speedy enough to close with dwarf artillery without getting clobbered by dwarf tankers!

Ive also completed a PDF for the MK2 war golem gladiator which will hopefully be getting uploaded onto the Scotia Grendel site in the next week or so (if anyone wants a copy before then I am more than happy to email it out to you!)

Hopefully I will get some pics of the completed Titanosaur up over the weekend...

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