Saturday, 28 March 2009



Ive rummaged out some pics of my barbarians! At present I am using a mixture of old Grenadier and Chronopia stuff although my army general is a limited edition from the old Harbinger magazine (hes the harbinger of the north) I have over 100 grenadier barbarians kicking about which leaves me with plenty of options for conversion fodder and possibly an evil tribe! I also hope to paint some up as pictish mercenaries to go with the war bison riders available from Scotia Grendel!

Heres my elite barbarian bodyguard troops (sculpted by Kev White)

And heres my barbarian hero. He really towers over the other infantry on my force (standing at nearly 40mm tall!)

I will post some pics of my orc and goblin troops over the next few days (not to mention some reviews of my orders once they come through!)

All the best!

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