Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Children of the Worm Unit List!


Heres a quick list of the forces available to the Children of the Worm for the Earthpower supplement:

The Children: Blessed with the gift of unlife these gaunt creatures were once human but are now something far less. Wrapped in fine silks and wearing ornate armour these pale skinned creatures form the bulk of the Devourers followers. Relentless, pitiless and totally evil.

The Decayed: These rotting zombies are the remains of those who have fallen in battle against the Children. Pitiful and mindless the decayed form shuffling packs of fodder and are used to overwhelm opponents by sheer weight of numbers.

The Blessed: The most fortunate of the children are the blessed. Using dark rituals, a small version of the Devourer is implanted into their bodies. This process warps and mutates the body turning it into a large, vaguely humanoid shape but grossly fat. Capable of absorbing vast amounts of damage these beasts will continue to fight even after taking hideous wounds. When the body takes enough damage the worm will burst out of the beasts mouth and can continue to operate its host body for a short period of time.

Sand Devil: The larval from of the devourer, these revolting creatures look like spiny maggots with 6 bulky, insect like limbs. The front end of the creature is dominated by a tooth filled maw. Sand devils form the cavalry units of the Children of the Worm and are ridden into battle by the most favoured of the Devourers followers.

Carmine Terror: The second stage of the devourers development, the carmine terror is a huge clawed monstrosity which moves with the aid of rows of spiny limbs. These razor sharp claws are also the terrors main form of attack and in close combat they rear up to flail at their opponents. The terror also has a huge tooth lined maw capable of devouring a human sized creature with a single bite. Often ridden into battle by heavily armoured warriors the terror is a horrendous monstrosity that forms the elite of the devourers force.

Devourer Worm: The last stage of the devourers development this mighty beast is a smaller version of the great devourer that resides in the southern desert. These beasts are worshipped by the children as the harbinger of their dark god. These sly creatures often begin battle submerged and will burst forth when it feels the vibrations of nearby units. Its great bulk can devour a dragonbane whole and will also use its mass to crush opponents. A really unpleasant ability of the devourer worm is also its ability to carry several decayed warriors in its innards and will vomit them out to form a new unit on the battlefield.

There are several more ideas that I am working on for the children but hopefully the current stuff will give a taster of how the Children of the Worm operate!

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