Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Nemesis War Golem PDF


Another quick update! I've got the PDF sorted out with playtest rules for the Nemesis War Golem. Also included in the update are rules for the Steam Powered Gatling Gun with a new template.

Perfect for blowing large holes in enemy infantry formations with its ranged weaponry and capable of using its steam talon to crush warbeasts, the Nemesis is a good general purpose choice for the dwarves. At present its just about the most expensive points wise but has a good combination of ranged and close combat abilities.

I designed the Gatling gun to be more of a strafing type weapon with quite a long, thin template which the dwarf player can decide to place either across enemy formations or cutting right through it to represent a hail of lead blasting out of the gun (inspired by the template from the old Vor wargame and 1st edition Warzone) I hope that it adds an interesting new option to dwarf generals!

Again the PDF has been sent off to the chaps at Scotia Grendel but if anyone wants a copy please feel free to contact me and I will email over a copy!

All the best!

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