Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Orc Horde


I have been compiling my forces points value and have now got the following:

CHARACTERS 552.5 Points!

Level 3 orc Khan, Medium armour, Double handed weapon and mounted on a Titanosaur with bow armed crew and tail spikes

Warrior Abilities: Aura of Gorath, Battle Fury, Obesity

276 points.

Level 1 orc Khan, Medium armour, Extra hand weapon

Warrior Abilities: Thick Hide

41.5 points

Eye of Gorath

141 points

Level 2 goblin Khadin, Light armour, Double handed weapon

42 Points

Level 1 goblin Khadin, Light armour, Shortbow, Shield and mounted on a Carnodon

52 Points


5 Orc Infantry, Polearms, Light armour and Standard

141.5 Points

6 Goblin Infantry, Hand Weapons and Shields

76 Points

7 Goblin Infantry, Polearms and Shields

140 Points

9 Goblin Infantry, Shortbows

198 Points

5 Goblin Carnodon Cavalry, Shortbows, Shields and Standard

165 Points

5 Great Orcs, Double handed weapons, Standard

144.5 Points

MONSTERS 537 Points

1 Necrosaur with Harpoon

215 Points

1 Gorathosaur, Extra Crew, Shields and Bows

164 Points

2 Carnodons, Hand Weapons, Shields

158 Points

That gives me a grand total of 1954.5 Points!

The orc horde is more or less 2000 points now (I havent purchased any magic weapons or shamans brews as yet which will take the total to the 2000 points mark)

I think I still need a few more warbeasts to beef up my force and may invest in some lesser goblin rabbles to act as living shields to my more valuable units but that will cover the next 500 or so points for the horde.

I now need to plan my dwarf force and try to work out some battle tactics for the orcs!

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