Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sizable Order Of Doom!


Well I got my Uni results for last semester and have managed to do rather well (1A minus, 2As and an A plus! GO ME!!) and to celebrate I thought I would get myself some new stuff for my orc horde!

I ended up ordering myself some goblin cavalry with shortbows with command, an Eye of Gorath a Gorathosaur with two crew and 2 Carnosaurs. That should give me all the stuff I will need for my orc horde for the time being (or is it!) I also made a start on my dwarves by ordering a MK1 Steam Golem and a Thunderhammer tank. To top it off I got an extra copy of the leviathan rulebook for free!

As usual I will post pics and a review as soon as they arrive and will crack on with getting them painted. I will also have to see about writing up some tactics articles and my armylist too!

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