Sunday, 19 April 2009

Everhungry Lord!


Heres a quick pic of an Everhungry Lord (with thanks to Manic_Miner for posting it on another forum!)

Everhungry Lord

He (or maybe its a she) is a bit of a beast! I am becoming quite tempted to start an elven force after Ive finished painting up what Ive got after seeing the quality of the monster miniatures available to them!


  1. Looks like an ace miniature! I love the normal Everhungry as well.
    Are they their own race (i.e. demons) or part of another army (you mention elves)...

  2. Hi!

    The demons are part of the elven army. In the leviathan game setting the elves became decadent, twisted demon worshippers who brought about the apocalypse (it makes a nice change from the usual good elven types!)

    I am working on rules to allow for an all demon type army as its a big part of the background. At present they only need an infantry choice while the unforgiven lord and everhungry lords make ideal commanders and heroes.

  3. cool, sounds good.
    Shame the Leviathan metal minis are so dated... Although it would be easy to proxy in other minis for the rank and file...


  4. Hi!

    All too true!

    Ive been using old GW and heartbreaker stuff as the Grendel infantry is pretty poor! Hopefully I will get round to painting them at some point!