Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Gorath Update!


Ive been run of my feet with uni stuff for the last week or so but have had time to do a bit of work on the Eye of Gorath and heres a WIP pic of what Ive got done!

At present Ive got his right side done but its taking ages as I want to do a good job of it! Hes got excellent detail on him ranging from patches of scaly skin to good muscle definition and is quite a pleasure to paint. One odd thing I have noticed is that there are areas of his skin which seems to be missing altogether. I decided to paint these areas ghostly blue to show his un-natural nature. They still need a bit of work with highlighting and adding some glow to the edges of the surrounding skin but are looking quite nice. I also need to complete his tattoos which were originally going to be blue or green but are now bone white. I chose this colour as it contrasts the reddish skin tone (there may be a second batch of blackish tattoos to further add contrast to the beast!)

I doubt I will be getting much chance to work on him for a while but will try to make time to have a bash! I am also determined to finish the Titanosaurs orcish crew and have spent a bit of time working on his base and have added some patches of dead looking grass and reeds. Ive also bought some fine lengths of chain to construct some reins and assorted decoration for him (I will post some pics once hes finished!)

All the best!

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