Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Mini Review And Update!


Heres another quick review, this time of the undead orcs I was kindly sent by the nice chaps at Scotia Grendel. Although not officially Leviathan miniatures they will make a really nice addition to my force!

The pack arrived with four white metal miniatures in different poses, three with spears and one with a sword and shield. The miniatures have tons of character and remind me of the classic long jawed orcs produced by Citadel many moons ago. The models are free of mould lines and cleanly cast and are very nicely animated.

I plan on using them as a summoned unit for my goblin shaman but need to work out some suitable rules for them!

Undead orcs!

Good stuff: Tons of character and animation, cleanly cast and free of mould lines these are a really nice set of miniatures!

Bad stuff: Its a bit of a struggle to find any negatives for them other than they are provided with solid metal bases which ma make rebasing a bit difficult but thats nit picking these guys are great!

In other news I have done some more work on my Eye of Gorath (His left arm with tattoos are now done!) I will try to add a couple of pics tomorrow!

All the best!

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