Friday, 29 May 2009

More Finds!


Well its been a reasonably constructive day thus far! Ive been continuing to rummage round my parents attic and have found a ton of useful stuff!

Ive got another dozen goblins (admittedly plastic but giving my orc horde some much needed ranged firepower!
3 really large orcs to use as Goraths chosen.
4 dwarves to give me either a small new unit or re enforcements for an existing one!
2 Resin Mammoths (these guys are getting converted to mid sized warbeasts for my barbarians if I ever finish anything else!)
1 Void resin warbeast: this is going to be the basis for my barbarian wartower project as it really fits the concept art!
50+ assorted metal barbarians!
30+ metal dark elves: These guys look more inkeeping with the background as they are pretty elegant in a gothic sort of way and may well form the core of my elven force.
4-5 metal dark elf raptor riders (as with much of my finds they were produced by grenadier and sculpted by Mark Copplestone)
Several Snotlings to use as lesser goblin conversion fodder!

Theres a ton more bits and bobs kicking around but I havent looked through it yet!

I will post some pics of the WIP of the lesser goblin wartower tomorrow!

All the best!

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