Sunday, 3 May 2009

An Update!


Dan (aka mr mrwigglesworth over on the scotia forum) Has kindly sent me some pics of some of the great orcs for leviathan so without further ado heres the pics:

Great Orc One

Great orc 2

At first glance they dont look fantastic but I am sure like much of the Leviathan range they will look FAR better when painted. Its just a bit of a shame that they couldnt have been closer to the concept art which ad them as hunched and massively muscled, troll like creatures. Still they are nice and cheap and should loom over their smaller kin quite nicely!

Alas theres still no more painting being done for Leviathan but I have managed to get a large chunk of uni work finished now which is just as well as the deadlines are soon!

Im off to do some illustration work!

All the best!

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