Friday, 12 June 2009

Durham Wargames Show!


I am off to the Durham wargames show tomorrow to see if I can find some second hand stuff to add some infantry (and indeed warbeast crew) to my orcs, goblins, dwarves and elves! My primary objective is to find myself a decent number of old citadel orcs to flesh out my infantry and find some crew figures for my necrosaur. After that I quite fancy seeing if I can get a few more goblins to beef up my infantry units, especially the swordsmen who are currently under strength. I also need to find a couple of snotlings or lesser goblins to mount in my wartowers crows nest and to add some extra interest to some of my bases.

Ive also just received some chainmail miniatures from the US and after having a quick rummage have found some nice bits and pieces, especially for my orcs and dwarves (theres a couple of rather decent small constructs to make a new unit for my technomancer to lead!)

I will post an update tomorrow on how I got on at the show and plan on getting a bit of painting done this afternoon on the lesser goblin wartower!

All the best!

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