Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Holiday Update!


Well I am still on holiday but am returning to Worcester tomorrow and will be starting work on the Earthpower supplement draft and hope to have it finished within the next month. During this time I also plan on cracking on with some painting so there will be lots of daily updates showing an assortment of stuff (including a group shot of my mighty orc horde!)

I am aiming towards having all the missing rules covered, especially magic and fliers but also including new units for existing factions and introducing a new one, in the form of the goblins. I am trying to stick to forces which are actually available at present as they actually have a miniature range. The new units are going to be easily convertable from existing miniatures to make them playable without going to the extremes of having to scratch build a new model for each of them.

I am still working on concept art for the Children of the Worm and the Knights of the Eternal Light and hope to publish armylists and background material for each force on a monthly basis. This means that I will have the Earthpower supplement available from the end of July, The Children of the Worm available from the end of August and the Knights of the Eternal Light following on in September.

I also plan on working on the Sea Devils and the Horned Folk, the Lizardmen and the Harpies, not to mention the Daughters of Leviathan as time allows but it may take a while to get them ready!

I will update the blog tomorrow with a pile of pics and some more reviews to tide folks over!

All the best!

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