Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sneak Peek!


Heres a quick sneak peak at what I am taking back to Worcester as part of my Leviathan project (and its not including the painted stuff Im taking as well!)

Tons of Stuff!

As you can see Ive got enough stuff to keep me going until at least the end of my summer holidays!

I now have enough stuff to field a truly massive orc horde, a large dwarven army and even a few barbarians and elves to act as a mercenary contingent. While I am painting the stuff up I will attempt to get rules written up for the new units, monsters and characters and get them all compiled onto a single PDF which will contain the rough draft of the Earthpower supplement too.

All the best!


  1. A truly impressive collection

  2. Hi!

    Thats just the stuff Ive either found in the attic or traded over the last month or so! Ive got a load more leviathan stuff at my flat in Worcester and another chap has just contacted me to say hes got some more if Im interested!

    I think I may need to lay off getting any more stuff after that as it will end up taking over my flat!

    All the best!