Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Titanic Terrain!


Alas I havent started painting the lesser goblin wartower yet but have got some scenery completed in the form of a fairly large tree!

As the leviathan setting is post apocalyptic I decided to give any vegetation I made a sickly and decaying look (the background material in the book mentions giant forests of mushrooms which appears and disappears overnight and the very landscape being twisted) With this in mind I made my first tree look like its been badly infected with large fungus growths on it and the bark peeling off to reveal a strange glowing interior!

The Trunk With A Goblin Archer For Scale!

The Tree!

I needed to make some seriously large terrain for the game as the monsters and vehicles in it are so large but still needed some way of being concealed from the opposition. I have a second tree underway and am also pondering making some stone pillars such as those shown on the cover of the rulebook.

I have also almost finished work on adding scales to the wartower and hope to be able to start painting it soon! (Yes I know I said I would start it over the weekend but its taken longer than expected to get the scales done!)

All the best!

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