Wednesday, 8 July 2009

650 Point Orc Horde Progress Report 2


Well Its been a bit of a busy day so not much painting has been done. Saying that I did manage to paint another goblin archer and undercoated an orc harpoon marker which I plan on using to replace cardboard counters as it looks better. I also finished off the two other goblin archers bases and heres a pic of my goblin archer unit. Ive got one more to do but am sure the unit will be completed tomorrow!

Goblin Archers!

The miniatures are a mixture of the old citadel regiments plastics and Heartbreaker. I believe both were sculpted by Kev Adams. I have some more archers to form a larger unit at a later stage which consist of a mixture of the old citadel and heartbreaker miniatures by both Kev Adams and Bob Olley which will look good once finished but they wont be seeing action till Ive got to the 1500+ points stage!

All the best!

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