Sunday, 12 July 2009

650 Point Orc Horde Progress Report 5


Just a quick update with a pic of my lesser goblin rabble. Its taken me a few hours to get this far and Ive only finished about a quarter of the shields. I suspect that it will be mid week by the time the rabble are complete!

I am trying to make sure the rabble fit in with the rest of my force by keeping the shields a mixture of mainly green and yellow with a few other colours mixed in here and there to add a bit of interest. Its proving to be a fun job (if a little time consuming!) and the rabble by Sassenach over on the Scotia-Grendel forum has been a real inspiration as the amazing job of managing to paint each shield differently with everything from Super Mario to the Mona Lisa! While I am not going to attempt anything quite so impressive, I do want to keep a bit of the chaotic rabble madness!

Rabble WIP!

I have also played a small skirmish game between my orcs and the dwarves. It resulted in a small orc victory with the dwarves being almost wiped out and their mighty Thunderhammer battletank got chewed on by my carnosaurs.

The game was loads of fun, although it took about two hours to play as I was constantly having to refer back to the rulebook but no more than ususal when trying out a new game. I have noted a few items needing work which I will add to the Scotia-Grendel forums Leviathan Errata thread but they are nothing major, just a few bits needing clarification!

I took loads of notes but no pics as some of the units were unpainted. I will get them written up and draw up some maps and add a full battle report as time allows!

All the best!

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