Wednesday, 15 July 2009

650 Point Orc Horde Progress Report Part 6


Just a quick update!

I have been working slowly on the lesser goblin rabble as theres so much detail to try and do justice but the good news is that I have finally reached the half way stage of painting.


I think my decision to attempt to give every shield a different pattern may have been somewhat foolish as its taking me ages to finish but the final piece will hopefully be worth the effort. If I am going to attempt to do another rabble I think I will give all the shields the same colour scheme and pattern as it will save loads of time!

I have also finished my first orc tracker miniature. Hes a really old savage orc by Citadel but fits in with some of the concept art from the old Anvil magazine. The orc trackers will be filling the scout/skirmisher function in the orc horde and will allow for some interesting new rules.

Orc Tracker

Shield Detail

In other news I have got the draft versions of about half of the orc warbeasts and new infantry units completed and will try to set some time aside in the morning to work on completing them and making a start on the remainder of the dwarven units!

All the best!

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