Tuesday, 21 July 2009

650 Point Orc Horde Progress Report Part 9


Well after a small delay caused by reading the new Space Captain Smith book I am back in business!

Heres the first of the pics of my WIP orc carnosaurs:

Yellow Peril!

at present they have been undercoated white an then a base coat of golden yellow has been liberally brushed over them. Once they have dried out (which will take an hour or so as the Vallejo game colours paint tends to take quite a while to dry) I will give them a wash with a reddish brown ink. Alas that will be all I can do with them today as the ink was will take ages to dry but hopefully I will be able to crack on with them in the morning.

In the mean time I will finish off basing the lesser goblin rabble and may even try and finish the eye of Gorath thats been sat nearly complete for the last few months! More than likely I will work on some 15mm stuff for my Stainless Steel Rat stuff instead though!

I will post another pic this evening of the minis after they have had their ink wash!

All the best!

And as promised heres a quick pic of the carnosaurs now theyve had a layer of ink and a couple of layers of drybrushing:

Slightly Shaded Yellow Peril!

Next stage will be to add the lighter belly and the black backs!

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