Monday, 6 July 2009

650 Point Orc Horde!


As promised heres a pic of my 650 point orc horde.

The Horde!

The force consists of the following:

1 Level 2 orc khan, medium armour, shield, 2 hand weapons

5 orcs with light armour, shields, hafted weapons, standard

6 goblins with shortbows

6 goblins with hand weapons and shields

2 orc carnosars, light armour, hand weapons and shields

1 lesser goblin rabble!

The horde comes to 650 points exactly and contains the required selections of one orc khan, two goblin units and one orc unit. I have found that following the force structure from the book is totally impossible as collecting a legal force at this level just wont work. Its looking like I will have to do a bit of work to create a more usable force structure.

At present the force listing may work when creating larger forces of 1500 points or above but otherwise its just a bit too simplistic. The force I selected will probably need re-doing as the lesser goblin rabble doesnt really fit in but I just wanted an excuse to paint one up!

I will post an update of my progress tomorrow (hopefully with both the goblin infantry units complete!) I hope to have the force completed by this time next week so wish me luck!

Next off it will be a case of cracking on with the 650 points of dwarves!

All the best!


  1. I never actually played a game of Leviathan, couldn't find any players! However I did think some of the army options looked a bit absurd. I love the red nosed goblins!

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