Saturday, 4 July 2009

Comparing Stuff


Well Im back in Worcester and have finally managed to get chance to update the blog a bit!

Its been FAR too ho to do any painting over the last couple of days but heres a pic showing the various sized beasts Ive completed for my orc horde so far:

Group Shot!

In the background theres the mighty Titanosaur, the middle has a Necrosaur with harpoon and the front has the Carnosaur. I also added an orc and a goblin to give some impression of the scale of the beasts!

I will try and get the rest of the horde glued together so I can add a group shot of the lot of them this evening. After finding how good the lesser goblins banners look I am planning on adding some more impressive ones to the Titanosaur to mark it as the Khans personal warbeast.

Plans for today are to mount the lesser goblin beast and get its basing done and get some of my notes written up!

All the best!

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