Sunday, 5 July 2009

Dwarven Heraldry


Ive been pondering making a start on my dwarves and am trying to decide on a colour scheme for them. The dwarves pictured in the Leviathan rulebook tend towards pinks and blues which isnt really my idea of what a dwarf should be dressed in, Instead I am taking the old imperial dwarves from past editions of fantasy battle as my guide and want to go for something suitably regimented to tie them all in and that makes their war machines stand out from other forces.

To help me decide I am starting to run a new poll for the month with some possible colour schemes.

In other news I have got most of my painted goblins bases finished now along with my lesser goblin wartower. I will post a pic of the entire 650 point warband featuring the entire line up both painted and unpainted. Over the coming days I will add a new pic each evening of the group showing my progress!

All the best!

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