Saturday, 4 July 2009



Heres some more pics of my current project:

Goblin Infantry

Carnodon Conversion

Goblin Archers!

As you can see the goblin archers are half done now and along with the swordsmen cover my two required goblin units for my force. Its looking like I will need 650 points per side to play a legal game and once my orc infantry are done I will just need to get a couple of carnosaurs painted to represent a small raiding party.

The carnodon rider is a slightly butchered goblin wolf rider by Marauder Miniatures which I got off ebay some time ago. I had been a bit concerned that he wouldnt work as a rider for the small goblin beasts but he looks rather good. I decided against using the goblin rider supplied with the carnodons as they were just too big and look more like orcs (oddly the resin goblin legs which are cast as part of the beast have five tows on one foot but only four on the other!)

I will try to update the progress of my 650 point force as I go!

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