Tuesday, 13 October 2009

An Update!


Well its been a couple of months since I worked on my Leviathan project and to be honest I havent really had the heart to do any more to it as uni work and some of my other projects have been taking up all my spare time.

I have, however, started work on a bit of a Victorian science fiction steam punk skirmish project and while I was rummaging round for a suitable selection of miniatures have found that the dwarven range from Leviathan makes rather nice land ironclads and assorted transportations of delight.

Ive started work on painting one of the dwarf Ironclads and heres a quick WIP shot of how Ive got on thus far:


Ive since added a wash of jade green to give it a verdigris look. Its still needing quite a bit of work and a final paint job but Im still unsure what that will be but will try and post the occasional pic here of my progress!

Im chronicling my Victorian Sci-fi over on Captain Shrike's Aeronef Journal so it may be worth having a peruse over there for some more Leviathan based miniature gubbins!

All the best!


  1. Hey man, only suggestion would be to make the wash a little thicker and concentrate it in certain areas. Whenever I have done it (only once or twice, and quite some time ago now), I have always used more of a turquoise colour.

    Anyway, looking ace.

    P.S. I'm at Uni! Woo!

  2. Alas I totally messed up the paintjob on the tank and its currently looking a bit sad on my paintdesk!

    Hopefully I will get chance to look at it again at some point!

    Best of luck at uni!