Sunday, 7 February 2010

Possible Warbands!

Well here are the initial options for the warbands I mentioned in my previous post. Ive included a mixture of all the races thus far mentioned and a few new ones too. I have a poll running to see what you folks would like to see so please feel free to vote!

An orcish patrol. A mixed group of orcs scouting ahead of the great horde. The force will consist of several savage orcs along with a posse of regulars, a minor Kahn and his great orc bodyguard.

Goblin freedom fighters. Long crushed under the foot of the orcs, these goblins are escaped slaves intent on freeing their kin and looting the occasional settlement while theyre at it. Will consist of a group of goblins with mixed weapons and several herds of lesser goblins along with a troll.

Barbarian Raiders. Savage humans from the north on a raiding expedition led by a seasoned veteran along with a druid followed by some impetuous youngbloods and a lesser stone elemental.

Dwarven Adventurers. A group of experienced dwarven types exploring the region around the nearby dwarf hold. Consists of an ancient leader, an engineer with some automaton support and several dwarven warriors in support.

Elven Slavers. The baddies! A group of elven degenerates with supporting demon! Light Elven Scouts. Most of the elves in Leviathan are evil and twisted demon worshipping drug addicts but some still follow the light. A scout group led by a magic user on some unfathomable quest.

Knights of the Eternal Light! Noble human templars fighting to turn back the darkness. The knights all have mechanical right hands with all sorts of interesting built in weapon options. Support will come in the form of some lowly squires while leadership is a templar champion.

Children of the Worm. Vile undead creatures bringing the gift of unlife to the world. The force consists of some rotting corpses along with a few more preserved minions led by a necromancer. Possible support may be some sort of worm creature or skeletal construct.

Pitiful Human Rabble. Most of humanity has been reduced to scavenging through the ruins of once great cities and this group is typical. There will probably be quite a few of them, many with some sort of mutations. The leader will be a wild eyed rabble rouser with a big mutant enforcer.

Any suggestions for other forces or indeed miniatures would be most welcome!

All the best!

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