Wednesday, 10 February 2010

More Leviathan Goodies!


I just received this picture from Thomas over at Die Platt of some of his Leviathan stuff:

Orc Horde!

I have to admit that its a beautiful looking force that puts my stuff to shame! Theres more pictures coming too so be prepared for a bit of a treat if the first one is anything to go by!

UPDATE! And here they are:

Orc Horde Twin Titanosaurs

Orcish Infantry


Barbarian Wartower Scratchbuild

Elementals and Assorted Druids!

I just want to say thanks to both Mr Wigglesworth and Thomas for allowing me to nick all their brilliant pictures for my blog!

All the best!


  1. These are bloomin wonderful. My girlfriend loves the elementals, and I have to agree, they look wonderful!
    Cheers Mate, and I'm sure your forces will be equally awesome soon.


  2. Tell me about it!

    They totally put my feeble efforts to shame! I really need to get a week or two of uni free time so I can crack on with some painting!

    All the best!