Monday, 22 February 2010

More Painted Stuff and Giveaway Update!


Alas I seem to be having a bit of difficulty contacting the blog followers to get their addresses so I can send out some Leviathan swag so please post a reply if you want some free stuff!

In more cheery news the chaps at Scotia Grendel have generously offered a 20% discount on the Leviathan range to a lucky blog follower or contributer and I will be drawing a name out of a hat once Ive got folks contact details!

In the meantime Ive nabbed a picture of Mr Wigglesworths rather fantastic orc carnosaurs from over on the Scotia forum:

Mr Wigglesworths Carnosaurs

I love the classic green and yellow paint scheme straight from the Leviathan rulebook cover. The beady eyes of the carnosaur are also worth mention as they really bring the model to life!

Its going to be interesting to see what his completed force looks like as hes off to a really great start!

Also Ive been working on a bit of an interim warband to keep me occupied while the poll is running and heres the first of the painted miniatures for my half orc outcasts:

Half Orc Outcast

The Outcasts are a ragtag mixture of halfblooded offspring of orcs, goblins, humans and elves. Despised by the great hordes, halfbloods are killed whenever encountered. Other races also hate them due to their parentage, the Outcasts often gravitate to the fallen for protection and can often be found employed as disposable fodder in the armies of darkness.

Some enterprising or stubborn halfbloods refuse to join the ranks of the fallen but band together and form raiding parties which prey on the ruined settlements of Aeroth. My force represents one such warband and thus far consists of a half orc leader with his warped scavenger, several half orc and goblin minions along with a rogue female great orc to act as muscle.

Having raided an orc burial mound the Outcasts shaman has raised a couple of orcish skeletons to act as terror troops (I'm almost finished painting the first of them!) along with some rather rusty armour and arcane weapons. The force will be rather rag tag and savage looking to tie in with their rather unsavory practices of grave robbery and looting the dead on abandoned battlefields.

I will be working on some stats for an Outcast faction over the next few weeks so I can play some games using it!

All the best!


  1. I'd be interested. Found a pile of the stuff in the attic on Friday and got thinking about getting it down and how to assimilate it in my old WHFB Orc Army (pulp the stunties is even more fun with a carnosaur!)

  2. Excellent stuff!

    I will have a go at contacting you via blogger messenger and if that fails I will post my email!

    All the best!

  3. Wow - love the sound of these half orc types - can't wait to see the orcy skeletons - where'd you get them?

  4. Hi!

    I picked them up from Scotia a while back and theyve sat unpainted and unloved in my bits box until recently!

    They are really nice sculpts but dont seem to be on their website at the moment. It might be worth sending them an email if you are interested in them!

    I'm only including two in my warband at present but eventually will have a herd of them as part of my Children of the Worm force!

    All the best!

  5. Sounds excellent.
    Those carnosaurs look great.

    I'm at least going to pick the rules up at Salute, perhaps a resin model or two depending on what I get in the post... :)

    20% discount, that sounds nice too!