Sunday, 21 February 2010



Well its taken a year but Ive finally reached my 100th post. Its been a bit of a mixed year gaming wise but hopefully I will get chance to crack on with my Leviathan project now Ive revised what I was doing and got myself a bit better organised!

Ive decided to celebrate by having a bit of a giveaway of some of my excess Leviathan stuff. I will be emailing all the blogs followers over the next day or so and arranging to post out some goodies!

My cunning plan has several purposes, firstly I think folks deserve a bit of a thank you for following (and even reading) my ramblings, it will hopefully get a few more people interested in the setting and finally it will allow me to unload some of my lead and resin mountain!

My only proviso to the giveaway is that the recipients have a go at painting the stuff and sending me a few pictures of their attempts!


The blogger contacting system doesnt seem to be working so if you are interested in getting some Leviathan freebies just check my email address on my profile page and I will see what I can organise!

All the best!


  1. Here Here!

    I hope you can find my email!
    I will really have to give it a go then. I keep saying I will, but this will make the difference.
    Hmm, Grendel are at Salute are they not? Might make some interesting purchases this year...


  2. Hmm... I sent messages via yahoo on the control panel! Its looking like the giveaway is going to be more complex than initially thought!

    I shall see what I can come up with!

    All the best