Sunday, 7 February 2010

Pondering The Way Forward!


Well Ive not done anything with my Leviathan project for several months now and had intended to mothball my blog and the miniatures were destined for ebay.

However once I had got the miniatures out and looked at them I couldnt face getting rid of my collection. I love the Leviathan setting and the rules are solid but I feel that they are better suited to skirmish gaming than mass battle.

Because of this Ive decided to develop my blog and the project itself in two different directions. Firstly I hope to continue painting up my Leviathan orcs, indeed I hope to end up with a rather massive army of them at some point. This will be more for personal enjoyment than wargaming but will hopefully get me back into the swing of things!

Secondly I plan on painting up some small skirmish forces, more like GWs Mordheim or Necromunda. These small forces will allow me to get some games in using a slightly modified version of the Leviathan rules and feature small groups of adventurers, raiders and assorted goodness and will also expand the Leviathan setting to include all sorts of new forces, monsters and minions!

I will also be collecting and painting up some other resin goodness in the form of Ramshackle Games Nuclear Renaissance game. More of a sci-fi, steampunk type of game it features many similarities with Leviathan as many of the models used are resin and it too works better as a skirmish game!

Whats got me really inspired has been looking at Daves IMP552s House Of Wargaming. Week after week hes been adding new units to some impressive armies and I thought it was about time I tried something similar!

Because of this I plan on painting three fantasy miniatures a week and posting them on my blog here. It may not seem like much but it should keep the blog here active.

All the best!


  1. You're bang on about Leviathan being more suited to skirmish play, rather than mass battle. It was originally written as a skirmishing system for infantry / cavalry only... with not a warbeast in sight! You can thank the 2 Johns for changing that ;)

  2. What ho!

    As much as I love the huge resin warbeasts, they would be better suited to a 10 or 15mm scale mass battle game as at present you need a fairly vast table to fit a decent sized force on!

    I will be keeping plugging away at the big stuff over my summer holidays but in the meantime I figure that a skirmish style of gameplay would be quite a lot of fun (and would allow me to actually get some games in!)

    I plan on liberally pinching some ideas from the Nuclear Renaissance Ruleset to allow for stuff like wounding troops and the lower numbers of troops!

    All the best!