Sunday, 14 February 2010

Possible Miniatures Part 2!


Well its a bit later than promised but heres some more ponderings on what miniatures I plan to use to represent various warbands!

Elven Slavers

The Elves in Leviathan are all degenerate drug addicts and as such I want my slavers to look the part. Alas the official Leviathan ones are a bit rubbish to be honest with rather large heads so I will have to look further afield for some suitable proxies.

My first port of call has been Ral Partha Europe who have a vast selection of stuff and the old Crucible range has some very nice possibilities such as these:

Possible Powerlancer

Blade Maiden

Blade Maiden 2


They also have some interesting demons that could make good support for the elves:

The first one is perfect for some sort of lesser beast but the big monsters, while looking fantastic are more suited to the Sea Devils I plan on working on at a later date!

Next up theres Reaper with their large selection too and after a little rummaging I found these which might be suitable:

They also have some rather nice hell hounds:

Hell Hounds

Much as I hate to admit it, Games Workshop also have some which might well see use too such as the witch elves and even the cold one knights:

Cold One Knights


I will continue pondering my elven troops in my next update!

All the best!

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