Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Possible Miniatures Part 3 and Swag Givaway Preview!


Well heres the next part of my ongoing ponderings into the possible miniatures I will be using for my assorted forces for Leviathan!

The Light Elves

There is mention of several of the elven houses who resisted the ruinous downfall of their kin in the background of Leviathan and I want to represent them in some way. Unlike the usual bright and noble elven nobles of other fantasy systems I want them to look like grizzled survivors of the apocalypse, possibly intent on reclaiming their lost legacy.

I had considered painting up some dark elves in slightly different colours such as grays and off whites but want them to be significantly different in appearance from their fallen kin.

Ive had a look at the the celtos range from Brigade Games which have some excellent characters such as these:

Alas their infantry arent as good so I may just pick up a few force leaders and characters from the range.

Another option is the old Heartbreaker sculpts. Ive got about a dozen dragon kin and normal elves from them and they are really nice, and unusual looking. Unfortunately I havent got any pictures of them just now but will see if I can rummage some out.

Reaper also has loads, as does Ral Partha Europe but they tend to be a tad generic.

Ral Partha Regular Elf Sergeant.

As the elven slavers are going to be quite characterful I want to make their good kin look equally interesting. Its still all a bit vague at the moment so I may have to go back and ponder them some more!

In other news my next post will be my one hundredth!

As a bit of a celebration I will be having a bit of a Leviathan based givaway to each of the blogs followers with swag ranging from Lesser Goblin Wartowers to Dwarven Steamtanks and infantry!

More information to follow!

All the best


  1. Ooooh Leviathan based giveaway!
    I like the sound of that :)

    I really like the Celtos models, they seem to fit your description a little more. They look a bit more menacing than the Iron Wind ones.

    I would have said consider Alternative Armies, £3 for 3 minis, but they don't have loads of poses and they are quite 'High' elf-like.


  2. Hi!

    Yes the Celtos stuff does look better but their regular infantry are a bit odd looking alas. Saying that their dragon riders are brilliant!

    I had quite a few of Alternative Armies stuff but the lack of poses, especially for skirmish gaming, is a bit of a put off. I will peruse their site though to see if I can pick up some bargains!

    The giveaway emails have been sent and its going to be interesting to see what folks come up with!

    All the best!

  3. That elf sergeant is intriguing - do you have a part number for that? I can not seem to find it in the Crucible range...

  4. Hi!

    The elven sergeant is in their fantasy armies range. They were all sculpted by Chris Fitzpatrick I believe and are really nice sculpts. I painted up an army of them a few years back and they are lovely miniatures.

    Heres a direct link to the range:

    All the best!

  5. OOPs! The product number is:

    02-012c from their 02 fantasy armies range elves, both regular and irregular.

    Theyve got some really nice cavalry too!

  6. Ooooh I'll have to check my email.

    Shame about the AA stuff, they have quite a large range. It might be worth emailing them direct asking if they have anymore, I'm pretty sure they will have a lot more.

    I personally like their orcs and goblins and I know for a fact that they haven't uploaded them all!


  7. Oh and it would appear I haven't got a message :(

    Ahh well :), maybe send me a PM at the Lead Adventure Forum? My user is rob_alderman :)


  8. No wonder I could not find them ;) Thanks again!