Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Possible Miniatures!


Well Im sat pondering on what miniatures to use for the individual warbands and thought I would post my thoughts here on the blog!

The Orcish Patrol:

I am in two minds as to what miniatures to use for the orcs as I have a real soft spot for the old citadel and heartbreaker ranges by Kev Adams such as these guys:

Heartbreaker Orc Shaman

I feel they are in keeping with the look of the orc warbeasts from the game but looking at the original artwork, the orcs in Leviathan are more brutal and less cartoony than that so a better option could be either Bob Olleys fantastic gargantuan orcs from Ral Partha:

Ral Partha Europes Gargantuan Orc

Also the old Crucible orcs, again from Ral Partha capture the barbaric look of the orc horde quite well:

Crucible Orc Skirmisher

Then theres the plentiful choices from Reaper in the US:

Reaper Orc Warlord

At present I am leaning slightly towards the Bob Olley sculpts as they are rather impressive but am still open to suggestions. I want to try and collect some more dynamic looking miniatures that reflect the post apocalyptic nature of Leviathan and feel that the old cartoony looking orcs just wont do!

Next up theres the goblin freedom fighters. Again I have quite a few of the old citadel and heartbreaker ones but feel that some of them may be a bit cartoony and that a darker look may be more suited.

Heartbreaker Dark Goblin Champion

Some of the old citadel ones are more useful but are getting a bit pricey to get hold of and increasingly rare. I am sorely tempted to help fund my current project by selling off a big pile of old swag!

Bob Olley sculpted the ral partha range but its been available since I first got into the hobby over 15 years ago so may be showing its age a little.

Ral Partha Goblin Commander

To be honest I am still pondering what to do with them as the background has them as five foot tall and slim while most goblin miniatures are closer to three foot tall dwarves! Possibly half orcs or hobgoblins would be more useful. Otherworld has some rather nice hobgoblins but they are a bit heavily armoured to really work:

Otherworld Miniatures Hobgoblins

The Barbarians are more straightforward as EM4 Miniatures have got the old grenadier miniatures range. Coupled with some of the old Chronopia sons of Kronos and the huge selection of reaper miniatures barbarians, the celts from Brigade Games and assorted other places I doubt I will have too much problem filling the force out.

EM4 Miniatures Barbarian (formerly Grenadier)

The Dwarves are another fairly easy force to choose miniatures from, or so I had thought until I looked through what I had! Ive got some of the old heartbreaker miniatures, Chronopia armoured dwarves and then theres the more realistically proportioned dwarves from reaper!

Again it was a case of looking at the original concept art and they are blocky, squat and quite ugly looking fellows so the original range, supplemented by some of the heartbreaker miniatures wont do me too badly. Also the original miniature range of dwarves for Leviathan are really not bad and with some real gems such as the engineer I think I will be sticking with them, possibly with the Chronopia miniatures eventually being added to form another strongholds party.

Heartbreaker Dwarf General

Any suggestions as to what miniatures are available, and more importantly, suitable for the individual warbands would be most welcome!

I will try and add the second part of the possible miniatures rant either later this evening or at some point tomorrow!

All the best!

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