Monday, 8 February 2010

Warbands Away!


Well its looking like all the warbands are proving popular with you folks with he dwarves currently in the lead followed by the orcs, goblins, elven slavers and children of the worm!

Villains and evil types seem to be proving quite popular, along with the doughty dwarves and their steam tech! Ive got several more forces on the drawing board and will run another poll at a later date giving folks the choice of what they would like to see (it will include the horned folk, the daughters of leviathan and several others)

I will need to get my camera out and start taking some pictures of the warbands unpainted lead to give you some idea as to what I am hoping to do but that will have to wait till tomorrow!

All the best!


  1. Hi here is Thomas from DIE PLATT which is not purely in german language, the english is just a bit difficult to find ;-)
    Inspired by this blog I made e few new fotos of my Leviathan Orcs. They will appear later on our page, but if you like I can send them to you in advance.

    cheers and keep going Thomas

  2. Hi!

    That would be great! Its always a pleasure to peruse your site and any images you could send me would be most welcome!

    I can be reached via my email which is on the blogs profile page!

    All the best!


  3. OOPs I never noticed the English language option! I have updated the link!