Wednesday, 3 March 2010



Well it looks like I will have to hold off on updating the blog for the next few weeks as my landlord has just contacted me to let me know that my flat is being repossessed! I have anywhere between a week and two months to find a new flat, a somewhat vague timetable!

I am off to look at some flats tomorrow and hope to move somewhere new in the next few weeks but until then I will have to spend my time packing my tat!

I will still try and get some swag posted out to you all at the weekend!

All the best!


  1. Oh god!

    That's appalling!

    Best of luck fella.


  2. What a nightmare - you have my sympathy and best wishes.

    Hope it works out!

  3. Good luck, from Hessen to you
    cheers Thomas

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for comments folks!

    The good news is that Ive managed to find myself a new flat which is far better than my existing one! Even better is that its got a second bedroom so I can finally have myself a games room! Hurrah!

    I will be moving on the 26th and hope to have some new updates on the blog within a few days!

    All the best!