Saturday, 10 April 2010

Back From Holiday!


Just a quick update! Ive just got back from a rather amazing holiday to Wales and will be getting my broadband installed on Monday so hope to have regular service returned by Tuesday rather than having to make do with rubbish mobile broadband!

I have decided to categorise my Leviathan blog a bit as theres three different games (thus far!) covered by it. Firstly theres the classic edition involving large resin beasties, the skirmish version I've been playing around with over the last month or so and finally the new Leviathan game under development.

Speaking of which I will be beginning a series of articles on the game mechanics, background and forces over the next week or so (I hope to give a brief overview of the individual forces tomorrow at some point!) I will make a point of playing some games and posting battle reports with my thoughts on the individual units and forces too!

With the classic edition I have still got a load of miniatures to paint up over the holidays and finally the skirmish game needs work done on it and the warbands need collecting up and painting.

Alas its just getting to my most busy time of the academic year so the next month or so will only see one or two updates a week but come June I will be adding them daily (fingers crossed!)

All the best!

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