Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Classic Leviathan: An Update!


Ive had a quick chat with the chaps over at Scotia Grendel and they do have plans for some new stuff for the Classic Leviathan rules! It may take quite a while but there are plans for a Darkwing model as well as some new orcs!

In the meantime I am going to have a go at re-sculpting some of the monsters currently available as the elves beasts are currently a bit poor. This will involve me trying to design and sculpt a new dragonbane, new earthbound (including a new monster choice in the form of the earthbound support powerlance platform) and possibly a dragon too!

In other news I am still working on the skirmish rules and hope to have the Children of the worm miniatures bought and painted within the next month or so. For the basic followers I am planning on using some of the excellent Heresy Miniatures cultists and ghouls:

Heresy Cultists

With a little work to them to add some veils and stuff they should make perfect Children of the Worm and with the addition of a few Reaper characters and monsters I should have a decent force!

All the best!

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