Thursday, 13 May 2010

Children of the Worm Developments!


Well I am pretty much set on the miniatures for my Children of the Worm warband and will be ordering them in the next day or so.

As things stand I am ordering six of Heresy Miniatures Dark Brethren Tunnel Guards to act as mortal followers of the Worm:

Mortal Followers

I also plan on ordering six of their rather excellent Ghouls as degenerated minions:

Ghoulish Minions

My current leader will be the Mage Knight Metal necromacer from Ral Partha Europe:


My monsters will be coming in the form of a trio of the Mage Knight Metal Crypt Worms.

Crypt Worm

This will give me the basis of a small force. I still need to locate some nice zombies to act as fodder and a larger monster but I plan on having a go at sculpting one. At present I am unsure whether to try a few Sand Devils or a Carmine Terror...

Once the swag has arrived I will post some unpainted pictures and set to painting stuff! In the meantime I will have a rummage through my much diminished lead pile and see what other stuff I can find of use!

All the best!


  1. Great ideas there! I can't wait to see them.


  2. Have you seen the giant slugs that come with the Tunnel Guard?

  3. Hi!

    I did indeed see them! They are quite nice but I feel I could probably sculpt some myself!

    I may yet get a swarm of them though, but for the time being I am trying to sculpt as much as possible to save the pennies!

    All the best!