Friday, 14 May 2010

Children of the Worm Update!


Well Ive been into Spirit Games this afternoon and picked up one or two bits and bobs including some troops for my Children of the Worm warband!

I picked up a pack of Ral Partha war monks to act as a more heavily armoured unit:

War Monks

As my planned force hasnt got any ranged troops I picked up his fellow:


Hes a Mage Knight metal Night Stalker and I am planning on using him as a follower of Bethshakai, the Hidden One. Bethshakai is one of the Fallen and his followers are experts in assassination and espionage and are often seen as part of other forces. I still need to stat im up but he will eventually have poisoned weaponry and an infiltrate/camouflage ability.

I also found a wierd worm miniature from the call of the Cthulu range but I dont have any pictures as yet. Its not too bad a miniature but it needs some conversion to fit in with my concept of the Children of the Worm!

I will try and get some pictures taken in the morning!

All the best!


  1. Speaking of worms, I know you want to sculpt as much as you can, to keep costs down, but there are a couple of worms made by Reaper that you might find useful.

    There's 2521, a really huge Cavern Worm, and 3009, an even larger Purple Worm of D&D fame. The Purple Worm is also available as a much less expensive plastic pre-painted mini, 20018, the Great Worm.

    Otherworld Minis also does an enormous Purple Worm - priced to match - but I don't think it would fit in with your other Children stylistically.

    My favorite worm-thing, though is the old RAFM Tomb Worm: (great painting article on The Miniatures Page)

    It's out-of-production, as far as I know, but they pop up on Ebay from time to time. In fact, if you e-mail RAFM, they might have one lying around.

    Speaking of RAFM and their Call of Cthulhu line, did you get the Cthonian (tentacled worm-thing) or the giant Dhole boxed set (large worm-slug-leech-thing). The Dhole is the purple thing in this photo:


  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the suggestions! I seriously thought of picking up the reaper cavern worm the other day but settled on the Cthonian worm alas the RAFM miniature has some really nasty mold lines that I am going to have to spend ages cleaning before I have a go at painting it...

    The otherworld worm is a bit too cartoony but the D& one has real possibilities!

    All the best!