Tuesday, 8 June 2010



Heres the second in my series of articles on other wargames that are sadly now out of production but still well worth collecting and gaming!


Chronopia is a direct descendant of Leviathan having many of the original creative team from the older game develop the new one. I remember it being released and reading a review in an independent gaming magazine whose name I forget but seeing the fantastic artwork by Adrian Smith coupled with the chunky and interesting miniatures pictured in the article really got me wanting to get a copy of it.

I still own the complete rulebooks but as with so many other games I never actually managed to play it! Alas its now gone with the end of Target Games and then Excelsior who managed to secure the license for a while. Some of the miniatures are still available from Prince August, the company who cast all the miniatures but I found them a bit on the pricey side these days. Not to be put off I intend on rummaging through my bits boxes and scouring ebay and local gaming stores with the intention of eventually collecting up some reasonable forces for each of the factions.

At the same time I may end up using different companies miniatures as some of the existing ranges are a bit on the bulky side! On a brighter note Four A Miniatures have started producing some rather nice dwarves which are perfect for the dwarven clans featured in the original game!

My next update will hopefully cover some assorted bits and bobs for an assortment of stuff and hopefully some painted miniatures will turn up at some point too!

All the best!


  1. I'm always thrilled to see others talk with fondness about Chronopia. It still reigns as my favorite game, due both to the mechanics and the world built around it. Of course, I was on the FAQ and demo teams for Target at the time, so my opinion is obviously skewed. :)

    Considering I was also a fan of Leviathan during its brief time in the sun, your blog is covering all of the highlights in my opinion!

  2. Lovely to see old games being used. Isn't the artist Paolo Parente, not Adrian Smith? Looks more like Parente, but I may be wrong!

    Adrian Smith did one of 'GWAR's album covers as well, don't you know. :)


  3. Hi!

    Chronopia is one of my all time favorite games! Its a real shame that no one has picked up the license!

    The ruleset is excellent and the races and setting are really original but its a shame that just about the only place to pick up the miniatures is second hand, or Prince August who seem to charge a bit for postage, not to mention the last time I bought stuff, half of it was infected with lead rot... Still Spirit Games has some so I may haver to peruse them this evening to see what I can pick up!

    There was a whole team of artists who worked on the original rulebook but Adrian Smith soon took over for all the supplements.

    All the best!

  4. God I loved this game. I only got to build up a dwarven force before it got taken away from us. Always wanted an Elven one too.

    Oh well

  5. Hi!

    It was indeed a great game! Its such a shame it went under and no one took it on as its far better than the likes of fantasy battle!

    All the best!

  6. Nice article!
    Chronopia is my favourite fantasy miniatures game.
    Recently I found some nice miniature preview done by a new company called Ghamak (I found it on excelsior forum), they show some preview of new blood totem and new troll death seeker. Did you know if they pick chronopia rights? The models seems very well executed.