Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Crucible: Conquest of the Final Realm

Crucible is another of those rulesets that came out and were actually rather good but for a variety of reasons never took off. In this case it was the closing of FASA that spelled the end of the game.


Set in a high fantasy world populated by some rather unusual races the game centres on the exploration of Crucible, a fantastic continent populated by savage orcs. The game itself features some nice concepts and the actual forces are original re-thinkings of the original fantasy fare. The orcs are noble warriors styled after the Zulus while the elves are brutal imperialists and the dwarves are formed of nomadic clans.

I have a plan of integrating many of these forces and units into the Leviathan game world as theres some great ideas and models available from Ral Partha Europe.

Unfortunately only three of the races, the orcs, human Principate and the Royal elves received nearly complete model ranges but theres plenty of opportunity to convert from other ranges!

I will feature some assorted pictures of the miniatures as soon as possible along with some bits and bobs for Chronopia, sculpting gubbins and hopefully a long promised battle report of the playtest version of Levyathan!

All the best!

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