Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Four A Miniatures


I thought I would post a quick bit of info on Four A Miniatures, a company set up by long time miniature collector and all round good sort Andy Coleman.

The company has a rather nice assortment of miniatures in development including some of the following:



Dwarf 2


Theres several more dwarves in development which will please the Chronopia players out there!

I will be keeping an eye on the range for some suitable bits and bobs for my Leviathan project!

Alas I am off on holiday again tomorrow (its a hard life!) but will get some more work done sketching and hopefully a bit of sculpting too. I have the first of my Children of the Worm miniatures almost finished and will post pictures of him as soon as I get him finished!

All the best!


  1. Yeah, I'll be keeping my eye out on that company.

    Have you seen the new Alternative Armies re-releases? There's some lovely fantasy models at a very good price. They might be similar to what you're after. I'm pretty sure Kev Adams might have sculpted a few, either that or Mike Owen adopted his style very, very well (which I think is more likely!!!)!


  2. What ho!

    Im just back from holiday so havent had much chance to look at whats been released of late Im afraid! I will have to have a look at their site to see what suitable stuff I can get.

    Alas Im totally skint at present so it may take a bit before I get any more miniatures!

  3. I do like that Demon.