Sunday, 8 August 2010

Real Life Intrudes And A Question!


Apologies for the complete lack of updates here on the blog but Ive been working full time over the last couple of months at an animation company in Bristol which requires me to do a rather lengthy commute leaving me with precious little time to get on with any real hobby time!

To add to the woes my computer has finally died and I havent been able to replace it yet. (I am currently having to beg the use of my long suffering girlfriends laptop!)

Worry not though! I have been getting a bit of painting done here and there and now have one Children of the Worm follower, a mounted Elven character and a second elf, this time with a powerlance finished!

I am also pondering having my own foray into the miniatures world in a small way (literally and figuratively!) and am looking for a bit of feedback from you chaps!

Essentially I am looking at the possibilities of 15/18mm scale as I cant afford the expense of comissioning a range in 28mm scale.

There seems to be a real renaissance going on in the 15mm Sci-fi market but the fantasy one seems to be sadly lagging with the existing manufacturers producing rather stereotypical fantasy fare based on the Lord of the Rings type of background. I want to go for something far more interesting, more akin to Leviathan and Chronopia with its original take on existing races and monsters. The cheaper cost per pack will hopefully allow you to collect an entire army for considerably less than the larger scales.

I aim to get three to four races as an initial release. Each race will initially have a couple of heroes, two to three troop types and a warbeast or two with more races to follow, along with a wide assortment of new units and monsters for existing forces.

Its early days at the moment but any feedback would be most welcome!

All the best!


  1. Personal opinion, but I think 15mm fantasy will always be stuck with the HOTT label. I'd consider 10mm, especially if you want to do larger beasts etc.

  2. Hi!

    I did consider 10mm but want to be able to combine the price of the smaller scale stuff with a decent amount of detail. Also I plan on designing the range to be played in different scales ranging from small skirmishes (like those featured on my Stainless Steel Rat blog) up to decent sized battles. Also I dont want to step on any toes with the upcoming release of the new Leviathan game which is 10mm scaled...

    I have an idea of developing a box set containing everything you need to play, including a couple of small skirmish forces, featuring some small units, a hero and monster. This will play more like Chronopia or a smaller game of Leviathan. I like the concept that in 15mm scale you can have a good game featuring a decent number of models for relatively little.

    Why must gamers be required to spend £30-50+ on a starter box when it may be possible in a smaller scale to do something similar for half that? What if the starter box contained everything needed and was a self contained release without the need to buy armybooks or even hordes of new units if they didnt want to...

    The HOTT/Fantasy Rules etc are a bit of a sticking point at present as the rulesets themselves are deeply rooted in the Lord of the Rings type of setting. I want to explore the possibility of a more interesting setup like Chronopia, Leviathan, Confrontation or Warmachine with their unusual forces and unique settings.

    Enough of my rambling nonsense though! I will try and scan in some of my concept sketches in the next few weeks once Ive developed my ideas a bit!

    All the best!

  3. Excellent, good to see you back, LT.

    I'm too heavily invested in 28mms to switch over to 15mms, but as you note, the 15mm sci-fi market is booming right now. 15mm fantasy might not be far behind. Good luck in your venture!

    Personally, I'd prefer you take a shot at someting in 28mm, to match the Leviathan/Chronopia minis that are already out there.

    Speaking of which, do you have any concepts in mind for the other races that were mentioned in Leviathan but never shown or sculpted?

    The Horned Folk: Almost nothing is said about this race. Maybe some kind of Beastmen or Broo?

    The Serpent Men of Koth: I think the Chronopia Stygians are a perfect fit for these.

    The Children of the Kraken/Sea Demons: There are lots of different Deep Ones, Sahuagin, Sea Devils, and other fishmen out there. Most of them don't have that Baroque Leviathan look, though. The Dragonrune Komodons, currently produced by Armorcast, come closest, to my eye. They also use Ghost Galleons "crewed by the reanimated corpses of drowned sailors." Gives you a chance to use some of the many Zombies, including Zombie Pirates, on the market.

    The People of the Moon: These intrique me. Are they Humans or some other race? They are mentioned separately from Humans in the text: "The People of the Moon were forced to board their Sky Arks and seek out new lands. A few Human clans refused to participate in these struggles . . ." Gray Aliens might work for these, or possibly one of the Barsoomian rces.

    Other thoughts?

  4. Hi!

    As far as I can tell the snakemen were the original inspiration for the Stygian from Chronopia so using them would be perfect!

    I imagined the horned folk as being a race of pretty much undead minotaur types as theyve been sleeping in their barrows for untold ages. They have re-awakened following the death and are now conducting slave raids into the apocalyptic landscape of Leviathan. I imagine them being relatively few in number but big and hard to kill and having a sub-race of lower caste warrior types.

    The people of the moon are more unusual and Im not sure what to make of them thus far. I quite like the idea of them being connected with the lunar cycle somehow, possibly even with a werewolf ruling caste...

    The sea devils are some of the better described of the races and I quite like their ships which could travel on the sea and even in the air.

    I would love to have made a 28mm scale range but it costs £300 per sculpt in the scale and as I want to field big monsters it would cost me a fortune! I will however try and sculpt some bigger bits and pieces once I get chance!

    Ive made a start of sculpting a mid sized orc warbeast and hope to have it finished over the course of the week and will post pictures as and when I get chance!

    All the best!

  5. Interesting that we went in completely different directions with the People of the Moon - aliens vs. werewolves.