Monday, 25 October 2010

An Updated Update!


Well ive had a bit of a soul search and have decided that I AM going to continue with 28mm scale fantasy gaming!
I had set up a 15mm scale blog with the intentions of starting to collect some armies but have found that theres just not the choice that I'm looking for!

Instead I have decided to start a different project on a similar theme: Collecting an army on the cheap! Ive found that my gaming budget, not to mention time to paint are at a real premium at present.

So Ive got THIS PROJECT underway. I intend to collect an army on a budget of £10 per month with the requirement that I dont buy anything new until the last load is painted!

There will be some Leviathan crossover too which I will post here as well so the blog wont be entirely dead!

All the best!


  1. Just in time for halloween: 28mm lives! It's alive!

  2. Indeed it is and its set to return to the Leviathan setting shortly!