Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Circular Thinking

Well its been ages since I did anything with this blog which I've come to realise was a real mistake as no matter what project I work on I find myself coming back to leviathan!

I had been working on a new project about collecting an army on the cheap and using Ganesha Games Song of Blades rulesets to play small skirmishes between warbands but the more I got into the project, the more I came to realise I should have just been posting my progress here!

So without further ado heres the first miniature I've got completed for my Children of the Worm warband:


Hes a bit of a proxy until I find a suitable leader for my warband but he will do for the time being! I've also got about half a dozen assorted barbarians to use as mortal followers which are in various stages of painting which I hope to be getting on with soon!

Now onto the rules!

Instead of using the core Leviathan rulebook I am using Song Of Blades and Heroes, I know I've been a bit dismissive of its simplicity before but I've come to think thats its strength! I will no longer need to spend ages trying to stat up new creatures as Song of Blades has loads to choose from and also has an online points calculator allowing you to stat up new models almost instantly.

Song of Blades and Heroes

Song of Gold and Darkness

Song of Wind and Water

The simplicity of the game, along with the small numbers involved will allow me to actually play some games, as for all the time Ive been working on this project I think Ive played Leviathan once! I will be working on some supplemental rules to allow large warbeasts to be included in games but thats for the future!

At present I want to get a core warband of the Worms followers sorted and then onto some of the other factions I've outlined earlier on the blog. I have started rummaging through my bits box to see what I have that will be usable and will update the blog ASAP with my findings!

Looking at how this project is developing has been a bit of an eye opener as I can now include warbands from Chronopia, Crucible or any other of the games I like!

At present I aim towards adding an update once a week here to try and spur me into action (and shame me if I don't get anything done!)

All the best!


  1. That's a D&D Chainmail miniature, isn't it? I love that you're doing the Leviathan stuff. I still have two copies of the rulebook on my shelf.

  2. Hi!

    It is indeed! I removed the small fireball from his hand as it had a tendency to break off!

    The setting for Leviathan is brilliant but the rulebook is a bit lacking as it needed quite a bit more playtesting (not to mention proof reading!)

    I still think the rules are great and with a bit of work they will be a solid ruleset but just dont have the time at the moment to re-write them!

    All the best!