Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Force Overview!


Heres a quick overview of the forces I'm hoping to develop!

Children of the Worm

Undead followers of the Great Devourer and one of the fallen, the Children of the Worm compromise of a mixture of decaying zombies and monstrous wormlike creatures.

Elven Slavers

The elves of Aeroth are a twisted and evil race and make up for their lack of numbers with a selection of demonic servants. Groups of elves and their dire minions will often sally forth from their black obelisks to capture slaves for sacrifice.

Knights of the Eternal Light

The Knights of the Eternal Light are a group of templars who seek to turn back the tide of evil released by the fall of the elves. Comprising of a mixture of heavily armoured knights and retainers they also go into battle alongside animated statues from their temples.

Steppe Orcs

Followers of Gorath the orcs are a warlike race who more often than not fight from the backs of large warbeasts. They also bring an assortment of smaller beasts such as monstrous great orcs as well as the slave race of goblins.

Goblin Freedom Fighters

Not all goblins have been enslaved by the orcs. Some still hold out in their strongholds in the swamps that border the endless plains. Individually feeble the goblins make up for their lack of combat ability with great numbers. They are also supported by trolls, shambling beasts with little intelligence but fearsome combat skills.

Technomancer Guilders

The guild of technomancers are a dwarven group who rely on all sorts of ingenious contraptions to aid them in the exploration of Aeroth. Armed with black powder weaponry and alechemical devices and steam driven servitors they are few in number but also powerful.

Northern Barbarians

The untamed barbarians of the north are a wild people who worship the earth mother. Undisciplined warriors the barbarian tribes can tap into earthpower to warp their bodies into powerful avatars of destruction!

Grey Elven Scouts

The last of the elves untouched by the fate of their kin, the grey elves are rarely seen buy are now appearing in greater numbers. Armed with a variety of special arcane devices they seek to return Aeroth to its former glories.

Dwarven Expedition

The dwarven holds survived the cataclysm relatively intact but with supplies running low they have been forced to explore the new world outside. Sturdy and hard to kill they are solid warriors equipped with all sorts of well built weapons to aid in their mission.
The Fallen

The creatures of the abyss and the harbingers of destruction the fallen are a demonic horde that consist of a vast variety of hideous creatures ranging from hell hounds to large powerful beings born for war.

Pitiful Human Rabble

The humans of Aeroth suffered terribly during the cataclysm following the elves opening of the great seal. The pitiful survivors band together to scavenge whatever they can to survive. These pitiful creatures are often mutated and bands of them often come into conflict with the other denizens of the savage wastelands and ruined cities dotting the landscape.

Orcish Outcasts

The outcasts of orcish society are a pitiful collection of half breeds and are killed on sight by purebloods on sight. The bastard offspring of orcs, humans, goblins and elves these brutes range vastly in appearance and have to rely on all sorts of twisted creatures to support them in battle.

Daughters of Leviathan

Leviathan is a gigantic sea creature and one of the fallen. It constantly gives birth to monstrous creatures which swim to land and spawn their own beasts. No two are alike but all thirst after the flesh of living creatures.

Sea Devils

The sea devils are an aquatic race that were driven from the coasts of Aeroth centuries ago. The cataclysm heralded their return and their ships once again ravage the shores. A mixture of aquatic creatures and undead slaves these foul creatures seek to reclaim their old lands.


The harpies live in vast aeries in the towering mountain peaks of Aeroth. Many of these aeries were destroyed by the dwarves settling the region but some still survive and others are being re-colonised. Decidedly avian in appearance the harpies are capable of flight and will often use this ability to perform hit and run attacks on unsuspecting foes.

The Horned Folk

In ages past the Horned Folk ruled Aeroth but the elves drove them from their lands eons ago. Driven into their subterranean barrows they slept away the centuries before re-emerging too once again contest the other races for supremacy. The horned folk are a large, hulking race that still rely on bronze weaponry and armour.

The People of the Moon

The people of the moon are a race of shape shifters. They long ago took to their sky arks to seek safer lands but have been recently spotted in the alpine forests of the far north. They have lost their ability to shift between human and wolf and are now stuck mid way. Over the centuries they have lost much of their humanity and now live for the hunt and to protect their territory from the incursions of others.

The Re-awakend Lizardmen

The Lizardmen of Kosh are the last of their race. The remainder of their kin was wiped out by the elves over a century ago. Long thought extinct, some have survived and now seek revenge on those responsible for the destruction of their culture.

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