Saturday, 27 November 2010

Mystery Revealed!


Well my visit to Spirit Games went very well and I picked up quite a few bits and pieces that will be handy for several of the factions slated in for the projects start up in January!

Along with my purchases and continued bits box rummage I've managed to start up a new faction!

The Bloodkin are an extended clan of warped creatures descended from the spawn of fallen and humans. Bestial in appearance they rely more often on ambush, attacking with bows before closing for the kill.

I'm using a mixture of Gnolls to represent the beastly ones and thus far have a small selection of Chainmail miniatures and an old Ral Partha Balrog as well. I'm mid way through painting a leader figure up at present and hope to have some pictures up ASAP!

Heres a picture of one of them to show what they look like!

Chainmail Gnoll


  1. Excellent. Those Chainmail Gnolls are among the best I've ever seen. If you need more, or some specialists, the Reaper Gnolls match pretty well.


  2. I have a bazillion of these guys, both painted and unpainted. They are great figs.

  3. Same here. I cleared out a few local hobby shops when Chainmail went belly-up back in 2003 or so.

  4. Hi!

    They are a really great range of miniatures, its just a shame they discontinued them and went to bendy plastics.

    Ive got my eye on some of the Reaper Gnolls, not to mention those done by Hasslefree and Otherworld but they tend to be quite pricy. Maybe I can find some cheaper from the bendy plastics of D&D and repaint them!

    All the best!