Thursday, 25 November 2010

Off To Spirit Games Again!


To celebrate the re-starting of my Leviathan project I'm off to SPIRIT GAMES in Burton upon Trent in the morning!

With a budget of £25 I'm planning on collecting up a mystery faction to start the ball rolling so keep your eyes peeled!

Spirit Games has been one of my favoured sources of miniatures for several years now as its got an amazing range of stuff and the service has been outstanding on every occasion that I've ordered anything from them and when I moved to the Midlands I made a point of visiting when I could!

Hopefully I will have some swag to show by this time tomorrow evening!

All the best!


  1. Agreed, Spirit Games is fantastic. I've ordered from them many times here in the US. They often have old OOP minis listed on their website. Highly recommended by me, too.


  2. Hi!

    All too true! I've never had anything but excellent service from them and it was nice to actually be able to rummage round their shop which is a bit of an aladdin's cave of miniatures!

    I will be adding a mini update today with the results of my rummaging and purchases!

    All the best!