Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Revised Forces!


Well in keeping new found attempt to kick start my Leviathan blog again I've had a rummage through my previous posts and my bits box to see what forces will be turning up and heres the results in no particular order:

Children of the Worm
Elven Slavers
Knights of the Eternal Light
Steppe Orcs
Goblin Freedom Fighters
Technomancer Guilders
Northern Barbarians
Grey Elven Scouts
Dwarven Expedition
The Fallen
Pitiful Human Rabble
Orcish Outcasts
Daughters of Leviathan
Sea Devils
The Horned Folk
The People of the Moon
The Re-awakend Lizardmen

As you can see theres literally TONS of stuff to do and at present I can honestly say not much of them are actually done but I have a plan!

I have still got my budget of £20 a month to spend on miniatures so will use this to buy a core warband for each faction. Each month I aim towards collecting and painting one of these warbands. In some cases this may only be a couple of miniatures while in others it may be quite a few.

Surprisingly I am not going to aim to get this started until the new year but I thought I would post a message of intent here to spur me into action!

Having examined my bits box I have found that theres quite a few useful bits and bobs in it that I can use to expand my forces and form the core of others. Some of the excess will be getting sold off and the profits will go towards more suitable miniatures while the rest will join the ranks of my warbands.

As you can see theres 18 months worth of warbands there for me to work on which is a tad daunting! I have decided to spend the remainder of this month and next setting up a poll to see which forces people want to see first and in what order I should paint them before cracking on with the actual work next year!

All the best!

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