Friday, 10 December 2010

Feeling Nostalgic!


I've been having a bit of a reminisce about all the games and miniatures I used to have when I was growing up and have found myself getting a bit nostalgic for a game of Flintloque.

Its had a bit of a mixed press over the years as the sculpt quality can vary vastly but I have fond memories of spending my hard earned cash on orcs and elves from the long defunct Macs Models in Edinburgh.

It was, along with Leviathan and Kryomek, one of the first systems I tried other than GW and I always enjoyed the rules and somewhat characterful miniatures.

Alas I sold off my entire collection years ago when I left home but seeing theres a third edition out I may be tempted to have a look at it in the new year. I doubt I will make many purchases as my budget is already struggling under the large Leviathan projects I have been working on on the run up to the new year but I may well buy a couple of packs and the Death in the Snow version of the rules to give me the opportunity to game the undead against the elves and relive the nostalgia!

Enough navel gazing and back to business though as the poll seems to be indicating that the Dwarves are what folks want to see first, closely followed by the Orcs. This as already mentioned fits in rather nicely with my Old Project Challenge over at Tabletop Gaming News and will give me the opportunity to get a couple of starter forces put together.

I suspect this will keep me busy until February at least as theres some big resin bits needing painted but after that I will be moving onto the next force which at present is a three way split between the Dwarven Technomancers, Daughters of Leviathan and Sea Devils.

I still plan on starting small and forming a small warband for each faction using pre-existing miniatures but want to beef these up with some big creatures sculpted by myself! I am keeping the designs of these beasts to myself at present but will be revealing more in the new year with some teaser images which will be making a periodical appearance amongst my other posts!

So keep your eyes peeled for updates!

All the best!


  1. Good to hear!
    Flintloque has come a long way since those days. Third edition is much easier to play, but the 'feel' is what it was always meant to feel like.
    The miniatures aren't too expensive, and with a little work, can look really really good.


  2. Hi!

    Its good to hear as the first edition of the rules were rather open to interpretation!

    I did see that the miniatures dont seem to have changed in price over the years. Maybe I will order a few in the new year to have a go at painting!

    All the best!