Sunday, 5 December 2010

Leviathan Musings And An Unexpected Decision!


Well the voting on the poll continues apace with the Dwarves front runners, closely followed by the Steppe Orcs.

While I've been contemplating my new Leviathan project I had a look over my old plans for where I wanted to get my old Leviathan project to go and was saddened to see that my plans to get sizeable warbands put together for each faction never really got off the drawing board.

This, I've decided will not do! I am determined that each of the small warbands I have detailed previously should go beyond just the half dozen models I had intended and should be expanded to a more reasonable host!

This may take me longer to achieve than originally planned but I believe its going to be worth the trouble!

I had planned on using the Leviathan rulebook as the basis for these warbands but have decided to run with Song Of Blades for small skirmishes and Wargames Unlimiteds NO QUARTER ruleset to represent larger scale battles.

This will allow me to start small and expand the forces as I go and still allow me to get a great deal of customisation into the game!

All the best!

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